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Preliminar Whisky and Cigar Challenger


Twenty-seven connoisseurs from different nationalities tasted yesterday 8 whisky brands enhanced with the fragrant flavour of two prestigious Habanos.

Damian Riley Smith, director of the Scottish publication Whisky Magazine, presided over the tasting ceremony and pointed out that the most important thing was not to identify the goods on the table but the best brotherhoods existing between whisky and Habano.

The first round – according to Riley – took place in Glasgow, Scotland, just 4 weeks ago. “We started with 24 whiskies and these two Habanos brands” – he explained. “Today we have 8 whisky and the same two Habanos brands, but our purpose is to let known other possible combinations between these two goods.”

Building on the preliminary criteria, next Thursday at 14:30, 4 judges will determine which is the best combination.

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Preliminar Whisky and Cigar Challenger


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