2017 May , 9

La Flor de Cano Casanova Exclusive Italy release

Sunday April 9th, took place in the city of Rome the launch of the long expected Italian Regional Edition, La Flor de Cano Casanova.

120 guests from several areas of Italy participated in the event. It took place in the “Reale Circolo Canottieri Tevere Remo”, one of the oldests sport institutions in Rome.

In the elegant palace, placed over river Tiber and very close from “Piazza del Popolo”, guests could enjoy a fascinating environment, full of refined elegance and great sport traditions, in an even more glamorous atmosphere thanks to the fragrances.

The night was designed making each detail important, like was the philosophy of Giacomo Casanova, polyhedral character icon of charm and elegance at which Diadema has dedicated the new Italian Regional Edition.

Consorzio Chianti Wines contributed to exalt the tastes of the dinner thanks to the presence of several prestigious wines productions. While, Havana Club rum accompanied guests on its travel across the senses through the king of the night: the Habano cigar.

Also, attendants have had the chance of enjoying the return of La Flor de Cano Selectos. It is an Habano already known by the Italian enthusiasts and which will be imported again in this territory.

The long expected Casanova was presented by Andrea Vincenzi and Gonzalo Villalba Sánchez (President and Vice-president of Diadema), who were surrounded by the other organizers of the event: Gianluca Sansone (Habanos Specialist in Rome) and Luca Pezzini (

Andrea Vincenzi illustrated the audience with the coherent and precise philological research that Diadema holds to choose and present each one of these particular productions, an added value which contributes in generating this exceptional nature which makes so researched around the world the Italian Regional Editions.

La Flor de Cano Casanova Exclusive Italy release


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