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Habanos Collection Presentation: Cuaba Humidor

The Habano world has always been characterized by a level of exclusivity and sophistication that very few products in the world can achieve.

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Within this idea of facilitating to smokers of the best cigars in the world some unbeatable products that combine at the same time tradition and modernity, Habanos S.A. presents the Colección Habanos (Habanos Collection).

The Colección Habanos consists of a series that will be presented each year in a special case, that suggests the physical appearance of a Book, but in its interior contains a special elaboration of maximum quality cigars, that is accompanied by an informative book in Spanish and English about those Habanos contained within.

This collection only has 300 numbered items to distribute all over the whole world, which will be elements to have in mind by Habanos smokers, that are always characterized by looking for the maximum quality, likewise by the most avid collectors of pieces of a very limited availability.

Every year a representative brand will be selected to make up part of this Collection that tries to perpetuate itself in time.

In the 2001 Edition of such a singular collection, the brand Cuaba has been selected and the vitola Salomón, is present in ten units in each box.

The Cuaba brand, characterized by making available in its vitolario only doble figurados cigars (asymmetrical on both extremes), in this year 2001 fulfils the fifth Anniversary since its launching in London in the year 1996.

Its name comes from the Taíno Indians of Cuba, who called that way a bush that possessed a high combustion and was used to light the cigars during religious ceremonies. “To burn like a Cuaba,” became as such a popular Cuban expression, that has passed from generation to generation, arriving that way to our days.

The Habitual Cuaba vitolario includes 4 different figurados cigars: Divinos, Tradicionales, Generosos and Exclusivos. For the beginning of this very special collection has been elected the majestic vitola that is not included habitually in the brand: Salomón. Salomón was one of the most demanded formats at the beginning of the 20th century. Later it left being produced and only starting with the years 90 it retakes its production, sponsored by the demand of the most passionate smokers of Habanos.

For the particularity of its reduced quantity of examples, limited on this occasion to 300 units, for the election of a vitola that is not produced habitually, and for the careful elaboration of these cigars that are dignified representatives of the Habanos before the most exigent smokers of the world, the “Colección Habanos ” emerges as a new element of passion for smokers of the best cigars of the world; the Habanos.

The Cuaba Habanos Collection will be available exclusively in “La Casa del Habano” international network in next weeks, that promises to convert itself into a cult object for Habanos smokers.

Habanos Collection Presentation: Cuaba Humidor


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