2019 Dec , 24

Three new Habanos Point in Malta

Phoenicia Company T.A.A Cyprus, Exclusive Distributor of Habanos for the Middle East, Africa and the countries Greece, Malta, Turkey, Cyprus and Ukraine in Europe, has granted the status of Habanos Point, to three point of sales that are operated by “Charles Grech”.

The first was established in 2006 in the tourist area of “Bugibba”.

Address: Promenande Street, Bugibba, Malta.

This Habanos Point has a humidor cabinet with more than 40 types of Habanos references.

The second was created in 2012 in the town of “Ta’ Xbiex”.

Address: Ta ’Xbiex Sea Front, Ta’ Xbiex, Malta.

Aficionados can choose among 40 different Habanos from the humidor inside this elegant shop.

The third was created in 2014 and It is located in the north-eastern coast of the island, in the town of “Ibragg”.

Address: Swieqi Road, Ibragg, Malta.

As in every Habanos Point, Charles Grech offers in this shop as well, a variety of Habanos references to cover all the tastes of aficionados.

Three new Habanos Point in Malta


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