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VII Habanos Day in Germany

On September 3rd and 4th, 2021, the VII Habanos Day was held at the Bückeburg Castle, Germany home of the princely house of Schaumburg-Lippe. The long-awaited Habanos Day was attended by around 220 Habanos enthusiasts  from Germany and Austria.  The attention was focused, on the famous , known for being one of Cuba’s most prestigious and renowned products.

Once again, guests were able to conduct their own seminar program, choosing among a very diverse range. The Humidor expert, Marc André, invited to the participants to make a comparison between three Habanos, stored under different conditions, to learn about the effect of storage on the enjoyment of a Habano.  Mr. Jörg Werker from S.T. Dupont, introduced the world of lighters to those present and spirits guru Mr. Jürgen Deibel gave interesting insights into barrels under the theme “What would whisky be without barrel ageing? Lars Laube, from the coffee roaster Cafeheimat, introduced to the attendees the secrets of brown beans. Luis Mustelier Pérez, who has been accompanying the torcedores tours in Germany for years, showed the particularities of the production of Habanos “totally  handmade with long filler,” which is only done in Cuba, while Sommelier Christine Dördelmann from Bremen Wine College with Port wines and Rum Ambassador Solveig Gerz-Stamenkovic from FFL -Rum Brands- presented the varieties from the island of Mauritius, ideal companions for Habanos.

5th Avenue, exclusive distributor of Habanos, S.A. for Germany and Austria, gave its guests a special touch with the launch of Ramón Allones Sr. Henry, the Regional Edition Germany. The abbreviation “Sr.” means “Sir” and “Henry” refers to the name “Heinrich”. “Mr. Henry” is the most respectful way to name Heinrich Villiger, who celebrated his 90th birthday in 2020.

This Habano has a 54 ring gauge x 150 mm length . The number 90 that appears on the second ring of the Habano, with a silver and burgundy red color, characterizes the Habanos of all “Ediciones Regionales”. Heinrich Villiger, founder, CEO of 5th Avenue Trading and Chairman of the Board of Villiger Söhne AG, is a personality and much admired by all those who know the world of Habanos. .

The HABANOS DAY 2021 in Germany came to an end with a lively evening activity and with  the presence of H.E. Ramón Ripóll Díaz, Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Germany. For closing the event , Roederer champagne, fine Habanos and a Caribbean-inspired buffet were offered, accompanied by the shows of Fiesta Cubana, directed by Hugo Marcel.

On the first evening of the activity, more than 170 guests gathered at the Bückeburg Castle for the so-called “Smoke-in”. At the same time, Gerhard Heimsath honored the winners of the last Habanos expert competition, which ended after 18 years. In the future, with the support of 5th Avenue, the Habanos World Challenge Germany will be organized. The first places will represent Germany in the international competition  at the Habano Festival in Cuba. HABANOS DAY 2021 was supported by S.T. Dupont, relojes-Zenith, Hauser, Collonil, Bremer Weinkolleg, as well as the media, Fine Tobacco and Smokersnews.

VII Habanos Day in Germany


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