2014 Jun , 4

1st Habanos Academy held in Lithuania

The first junior course of the Habanos Academy was held in Lithuania during the 8th and 9th of May, 2014. Around 42 peoples belonging to Skonis ir kvapas UAB, Distributor for Habanos in Lithuanian Domestic market participated in this important activity.


Habanos Nordic A.B, the exclusive distributor for Habanos s.a. in Scandinavia and Baltic countries have recently started its business relationship with this Lithuanian company who owns 35 specialized tobacco shops, distributed in all the majors Lithuanian cities and also is covering more than 50 percent of the total domestic market (Geographical coverage).

The Junior Course was conducted by Mr. Johan Lolk, a trainer from Habanos Nordic A.B and who was recently graduated in the Master Course in La Habana. The attendees like Shopkeepers, Sales representatives and the Management team for the company (including the General Manager for the company) had the opportunity to deep more about the culture of the Habanos. Global brands like Cohiba, Montecristo and Partagás, etc. were among other topic to talk about.

The junior course is the first step for a strategic plan that with no doubts, will positively contribute increasing the Habanos presence in Lithuania.

1st Habanos Academy held in Lithuania


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