2016 Dec , 12

Academy Habanos Junior in the Sheremetevo airport, in Moscow

Around 25 attendees participated in the Junior Course of the Habanos Academy, which took place in the Sheremetevo airport, the most important airport in Moscow City, Russia.

INFIFON II, Exclusive Distributor of Habanos for the Duty Free and Travel Retail channels in Russia, works in this moment with 5 operators. In this occasion participated 25 sellers of Aerofirst, one of the new clients of INFIFON II. This operator decided to start an intensive training program for its staff in the Duty Free shops of this airport. The Academy Habanos is a valuable communication and training tool that will serve to fight against the effects of the anti-tobacco law bases on the knowledge and specialization of product. Anti-tobacco law is in force since August 2014 in Russia, which prohibits totally the exhibition of cigar product into the channel.

During 2017 INFIFON II is planned to continue the Academia Habanos with the Junior and Senior courses for other Duty Free operators of Russia.


Academy Habanos Junior in the Sheremetevo airport, in Moscow


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