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First Salomones Habanos Lounge was opened


On January 18, 2019, the official opening of the first Russian smoking lounge was held the former wine cellar “Darwin´s Practice”, with the status of Habanos Lounge. This category was delivered to the institution on December 27, 2018.

The Habanos Lounge project was developed and implemented within the HORECA channel by . to provide customers of cigar smoking salons with the greatest enjoyment of the best Habanos in the world.

The conditions of the project suppose to the enjoyment of the , a special space, with high standards of gastronomic service and the offer of the widest range of brands and of Habanos, in combination with a solid range of drinks.

Attending the opening of Habanos Lounge “Salomones” the representatives of Top Cigars: the General Director Mikhail Smirnov the Head of Sales, Alexey Meshkov; and the Commercial representative Arseny Kalugin. The Top Cigars Corporation’s Brand Ambassador, Dmitry Drutsa, became the host of the evening.

The owner of the place, Vadim Rafailov, welcomed the guests, well-known fans, and members of the cigar clubs and other representatives of this community, who enjoyed the Double Edmundo Doubles Habano Montecristo (55 clamp x 155 mm), launched in the 2014

The guests noticed the pleasant atmosphere of the place, appreciating the comfort created especially for fans of cigars, and expressed their desire to return to such a cozy place.

For those interested, we inform you that Habanos Lounge “Salomones” can be found at the following address: the old wine cellar “La Practica de Darwin” located on the ground floor of Building No.6, on Malaya Dmitrovka Street, Moscow. You can also inform your visit in advance by reserving a table by phone: +7 (926) 009 65 65.

First Salomones Habanos Lounge was opened


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