2016 Jun , 15

Habanos Academy in France

France – February 1st 2016, Coprova Habanos Distributor in France organized training sessions. These two training sessions were held for the company Aelia who handles the cigar shops in the International Airport of Roissy and Orly.

A Habanos Senior Academy training session was specially held for the cigar store Managers and Experts in order to complete the training sessions they already had in the past.


On the other hand, a Habanos Junior Academy training session was set up for a group of newcomers who are just starting selling Cigars in the different cigars shopping areas on the airports.

The aim of each training course was, in full accordance with its different level of knowledge, to get an update on the major steps, from the agricultural process to the manufacturing process and to remind the students with the concept of DOP as weel as the specifications of the brands ans concepts (Limited Edition, Regional Edition, Añejados etc…). This was also a great occasion to present of the new products and to exchange on the issues the sales persons can encounter while dealing with the clients/aficionados.


A the end of both training courses, the attendees successfully answered a quiz/survey in order to validate their Habanos Academy Diploma.

Habanos Academy in France


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