2016 Sep , 26

Opening of the 1st Habanos Point in Canary Island

Cuba Cigar, S.L.U., Exclusive Distributor of Habanos in the Canary Island has recognized “El Rincón del Fumador” with the category of Habanos Point for it specialization and distinction on the handling of the .


Ania García Ramos, as General Director of Cuba Cigar, S.L.U. and Olivia Padrón Ramos as Sole Administrator of El Rincón del Fumador, S.L. signed an agreement between both companies that establishes the conditions for the differentiation of El Rincón del Fumador as the first Habanos Point in the Canary Island.


In the development of the act were given to the employees of El Rincón del Fumador the Habanos Junior Certificate after pass with success this course of the Habanos Academy, conducted by Iván Breijo Morgado, our Master Trainer. The main objective of this course is that the students get the minimal and basic knowledge about Habanos.


The official act had the presence of Ulises Barquín Castillo, General Consul of Cuba on the Canary Island, as special guest to the event.

Opening of the 1st Habanos Point in Canary Island


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