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Habanos Academy Junior Course at Montreal International Airport

 Academia_Habanos_Montreal_Aeropuerto-1On December 1st, 2015, A Habanos Academy Junior Course was held for Aer Rianta International Duty Free at the Montreal International Airport. The course was conducted by Antonio Marsillo, manager of La Casa Del Habano Montreal and graduate of the Habanos Academy Master Course on behalf of Havana House Cigar & Tobacco.

The training included the explanation of various steps in the construction of the cigar, starting from the seedlings in the Region of (D.O.P.) to the Factories in Habana. Mr. Marsillo also explained why Cuban cigars are considered the best in the world among cigar enthusiasts. Part of the training detailed, how to best preserve cigars while travelling, and also how to serve the various clients’ tastes and needs. Each attendee was given a copy of the “The world of the Habano” book for further knowledge.


With this training, as well as all others taking place around the World, Habanos Academia proudly adds more enthusiasts to help foster and transmit the passion for .








Habanos Academy Junior Course at Montreal International Airport


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