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The World of the Habano Book Hits the Stands in German, French, Dutch and Italian

 As a must-have text for Habano specialists and enthusiasts, and for those that have recently became attracted by that world, for people that loves culture and tradition, The World of Habano book has been distributed both in Spanish and English languages, but also in German, French, Dutch and Italian.

Portada-El-Mundo-del-Habano-Aleman Portada-El-Mundo-del-Habano-Frances
Portada-El-Mundo-del-Habano-Italiano Portada-El-Mundo-del-Habano-Holandes

The handbook didactically expresses the main principles of Cuba’s 27 Totally-Rolled-by-Hand brands, by following the requirements established by the Regulating Council of Protected Denomination of Origin (DOP is the Spanish acronym) of Habanos.


The book was launched within the of 2012 Havana International Fair with its Spanish and English versions and now, in 2014, it has been translated into another four languages.

First, its content includes a tour through the Habano making process, from the harvesting stage in the prestigious , the finest tobacco region on Earth, to the “Totally-Rolled-by-Hand” process in Cuba’s historic factories, elements that make Habano stand out because of its exclusiveness.

It pages describe over 500 manual processes that are applied to the tobacco leaf until it becomes a Habano.


Furthermore, the book includes a section on the present 27 brands of Habanos currently in production, from the mythic Cohiba to the historical Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta and Partagás and other prestigious Habanos brands such as Trinidad, San Cristóbal de la Habana and H. Upmann.

There are other interesting and original sections on this essential text, which tackle the aging of tobacco leaves before they are turned into Habanos, as well as the aging of Habanos as such after they have been made.

There are some chapters devoted to the exclusive Habano Festival, which takes place every year in Cuba, and the information related to the best sales outlets around the world, such as La Casa del Habano stores and Especialistas en Habanos.

Every book includes a multimedia CD that gives readers the possibility to check the contents of The World of the Habano in digital format and it also provides a dynamic and comfortable search engine to gain access to the updated Complete Guide on marketed Habanos.


As a new element, the CD includes a link to the website where several Habano-related videos can be downloaded.

“The World of the Habano”, a material backed up by the Regulating Council of Protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.P)* Habanos will soon be available in several countries.

Please, if you are interested in learning more on this matter, ask in your regular Habanos sales outlet.


The World of the Habano Book Hits the Stands in German, French, Dutch and Italian


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