2022 Jan , 14

Habanos Night in Skopej


Premium Cigars & Tobacco held its Habanos Night in the city of Skopej. The elegant evening welcomed in a tropical atmosphere outstanding connoisseurs of the Habanos world in Skopje. Romeo y Julieta, one of the most recognized brands, was the protagonist of the evening, which together with selected drinks and catering contributed to the high spirit at the panoramic Roof Top Bar No. 55. The presence of the Agni Avsar trio enlivened the activity and was a pleasure for the guests.

The Habanos Night is celebrating every year and it is a much-anticipated event for Habano enthusiasts in North Macedonia. This year, 2021, was also the expansion of the Premium Cigars chain of stores  with the newly opened Habanos store in the East Gate mall being the fourth in the country, all of them offering a wide assortment of Habanos, smoking accessories and a personalized and professional service.

Habanos Night in Skopej


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