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Jubilee Humidor Trinidad 50 Aniversario N64 was presented at an exclusive premiere in Bulgaria by Kaliman Caribe


The April 8th, 2022, the exclusive distributor of Habanos, S.A., for Bulgaria, Kaliman Caribe had the honor and privilege for the Bulgarian audience to present the humidor Trinidad 50 Aniversario, created for the 50th anniversary of the prestigious brand. One of the 100 samples worldwide, shown at the Gala evening in Bulgaria had a serial number 64. For the first time the limited edition was presented at the Habanos Festival in Cuba in 2019, where humidor with N1 was sold at auction for EUR 300,000.

The presentation of the humidor took place in the iconic gallery of the capital and gathered the most prominent Habanos fans from Bulgaria, England, Albania, Greece, China and Northern Macedonia. The whole evening was themed under the sign of the prestigious Trinidad brand with a tasting of two of the most popular vitolas Vigia and Esmeralda combined with a three-course menu by a chef, selected drinks, under the charming presence with spirit and music of Mihaela Fileva. Undoubtedly, the jubilee humidor impressed everyone with its ultimate design and workmanship.

Trinidad 50 aniversario Humidor include 50 Gloriosos Habanos (59 ring gauge x 155 mm length) the first figurado within the Trinidad brand.  The famed Italian workshop DEART inspired by the iconic Habana Libre Hotel, takes the form of an ellipse as a symbol to convey something infinite, something that never ends, and that evokes creativity and perfection, unique traits of a brand like Trinidad.

In the center of the humidor is placed the distinctive iconographic sign of the brand Trinidad – the iconic three Ts, created especially for the 50th anniversary of the brand. High-quality Spanish cedar, black Italian leather, mother-of-pearl inlays – these are not only an added value of the humidor, but also an upgrade of the Habanos treasure hidden inside.

All this makes it a coveted collector’s jewel and a pride for every cigar connoisseur.


Something more about the Trinidad brand

Trinidad name is a tribute to the town of Santísima Trinidad, declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, which is located on the south coast of Cuba.  Trinidad was born in 1969 and shares its origin with the most prestigious brand of Habano, since both productions were used as state gifts for high-ranking foreign dignitaries.

Jubilee Humidor Trinidad 50 Aniversario N64 was presented at an exclusive premiere in Bulgaria by Kaliman Caribe


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