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Habanos, S.A. joins the worldwide celebration of International Book Day through Las Casas del Habano


  • A vitola of Montecristo or Romeo y Julieta, the perfect companions for this special reading.

Habanos S.A. joins the worldwide celebrations of the International Book Day this Saturday, April 23rd, through the Las Casas del Habano franchise network.

Conceived as a tribute to “lectores de tabaquería”- Cigar readers on this special day, the famous novels of The Count of MonteCristo by A. Dumas and / or Romeo and Julieta by W. Shakespeare will be read in some of Las Casas del Habano around the world. In this way, a vitola of the Montecristo or Romeo y Julieta brands, will be ideal choice for tasting while listening to the successful works that gave rise to the name of these famous brands.

At one of Cuba’s well-known Casas del Habano, Habana Libre, a reading session will be organized with the participation of “lectores” from the capital’s Habanos factories. Odalis de la Caridad Lara Reyes, on behalf of the “lectores”, will pay tribute to this International Book Day with a reading, for those who will attend the event, of the acclaimed novel The Count of Montecristo.

The activity of the “lectores de tabaquería”- Cigar readers has not only gained popular recognition as a National Heritage of Cuba, but also aims to achieve international recognition as an Intangible Heritage of UNESCO. International Book Day is a worldwide commemoration celebrated every 23rd of April with the aim of promoting reading, the publishing industry, and the protection of intellectual property through copyright. Since 1988, it has been an international celebration promoted by UNESCO. On 15th of June 1989, it was launched in several countries, and by 2010 the celebration had already reached more than one hundred.

A Habano has always joined aficionados in moments of enjoyment and relaxation, so from Habanos, S.A. we invite all Habanos enthusiasts and reading to share this moment and celebrate the International Book Day accompanied by the best Habano.


Habanos, S.A. joins the worldwide celebration of International Book Day through Las Casas del Habano


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