2019 Mar , 29

Opening of the second Habanos Lounge in Russia

In the city of Adler, Krasnodar region, near the Black Sea shore and the Sochi spa, but with mountain climate; there is a ski resort named Rosa Khutor, which gained fame in the 2014 Winter Olympics, celebrated here. This picturesque villa with special geography and excellent scenery is the place where on March 20th was the opening of the second Habanos Lounge of Russia, which bears the name of “Genios” taken from the Regional edition for Russia in Ramón Allones brand.

At the event attended around 100 people and the executives for Top Cigars , Exclusive Distributor for in Russia were also present, Mrs Alejandra Romero , Commercial Director and Mr Vladimir Finakov, sales manager of the same company.

Genios under the Ramón Allones brand with 52 ring gauge x 140 mm in length , full flavor territory and with a great character and quality; was pairing with the exclusive rum, Selección de Maestros, of Havana Club,  for the Ultra Premium category of this brand.

Enjoying the and rum, topics of common interest were discussed and a pleasant smoke was enjoyed in an ideal environment. The Habanos Lounge has a humidor where the Habanos are preserved in excellent conditions and a good service, also endorsed the staff by the Habanos Academy.

Habanos Lounge “Genios” is located inside the Club “Hubble-bubble” in: Sochi city, Rosa Khutor Village, Naberezhnaya Polyanka street, No. 3. Telephone: +7 938-420-08-13

Opening of the second Habanos Lounge in Russia


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