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Julieta of Romeo y Julieta

  • The Julieta size of the well known Romeo y Julieta brand is hitting the markets among great expectation. 
  • Manufactured with tobacco from Vuelta Abajo, the most prestigious tobacco zone of Cuba, Julieta seeks essentially the complicity of women in a world traditionally considered more associated to men.

xii_festival_julietaThe name Julieta for this Habano has been especially chosen to honor “women in Habano”.

In Cuba, the participation of women is indispensable in all agricultural and manufacturing processes of Habanos. In fact, many processes are carried out by the majority of women and their particular sensibility, care and knowledge contribute to the making of such unique product as the Habano.

The world of Habano smokers is mainly associated to men. The majority of smokers are men, and only a small part of the cigar smokers are women.

Julieta is presented with the purpose of increasing the interest and complicity of women in the Habano, a product with a long historical tradition that has accompanied so many men in so many moments of their lives.

This is an aromatic vitola with excellent burn, and of slender ring gauge and standard length, such characteristics make it attractive, providing a pleasant experience when being smoked.

Manufactured with tobacco from , the most prestigious tobacco region of Cuba and the world, Julieta puts together the characteristics of a Habano to be enjoyed in short periods of time, following today’s life rhythm.

NP2_RJ Julieta

The pack in which it is presented has been exclusively designed for this vitola, reproducing the colors and logo of the brand, but with a modern touch of rounded borders that makes it very practical and easy to carry. The band has been specially created on this occasion for this new Habano.

Brand Romeo y Julieta
Commercial Name Julieta No. 6
Factory Name Texto Galera
Measures Ring gauge 33 (13,10mm) x 120 mm in length
Presentation  5-cigar aluminum pack


Julieta of Romeo y Julieta


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