2018 Jan , 17

New Cohiba Atmosphere in Sofia, Bulgaria.

“Kaliman Caribe“officially opened this new licensing of Habanos, S.A.

The last 20th of December, 2017 was opened the new Cohiba Atmosphere, in Sofia, Bulgaria. A refined cocktail marked the opening of Cohiba Atmosphere in the heart of the capital. Among the guests of the event were the Ambassador of Cuba in Bulgaria, Ambassador of Armenia and José María López, Vice President Business Development from Habanos, S.A. According to the Bulgarian tradition, the first guests who stepped on the threshold threw coins for health and prosperity. The musical life-performances and Cohiba Siglo III immersed the crowd in the atmosphere of Cohiba Atmosphere. In the spirit of the Christmas festivities among the some surprises of the evening was a festive pie, which brought to one of the guests thematic luck: the jubilee coin, issued on the occasion of the launching of the First Regional cigar edition for Bulgaria Bolívar 681.

Cohiba Atmosphere, under the Habanos, S.A. license is a unique concept that offers a truly exclusive experience in an elite atmosphere and the finest Habanos masterpieces. Worldwide, by 2017, the opening of the club in Sofia is the 13th representation of the chain and the third for Europe.

Cohiba Atmosphere meets the highest international standards in the concierge service, Habanos sommelier and selective gustation of drinks and Habanos.

For the convenience of its guests there is a cozy open-air terrace with 20 seats, a bar, walk in humidor, which offers a real wealth of exclusive selection with special and ultra-special Habanos editions. The private lounge area has 30 seats. It has controlled access only for registered customers and guests with invitations to special events.

The aim and main mission of Cohiba Atmosphere Sofia’s policy is to develop the passion and culture of Habanos and to expand the horizon of perceptions, bringing the highest international standards into the sphere for the Habano´s lovers.

New Cohiba Atmosphere in Sofia, Bulgaria.


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