A new Cohiba Atmosphere in Beijing, China

On July 30th 2020, a new and exclusive Cohiba Atmosphere, located on the outskirts of this cosmopolitan city begins its opening. To celebrated, Mr. Victor Teng, owner of the place offered a special event and welcomed to H.E. Carlos Miguel Pereira, the Cuban Ambassador in  China.   The distinguished Ambassadors of Costa...

2020 Aug , 14

A new Cohiba Atmosphere in Nicosia, Cyprus

  A new Cohiba Atmosphere has become a jewel for aficionados in the heart of Nicosia – Cyprus. One can feel a unique and almost mystical emotion when enjoying a Habano accompanied by the finest spirits or blends of coffee in the ambience of this new Cohiba Atmopshere, as the...

2020 Jul , 28

Cohiba Atmosphere Sofia greets its second birthday in glamour

In the run-up to the Christmas holidays, Cohiba Atmosphere Sofia celebrated two years of continued success, atmospheric emotions and a shared passion for masterpieces. In keeping with the spirit of this time of the year, there was a lot of festive emotions and glamour around, thematic decoration and bubbly drinks....

2020 Jan , 15

The reopening of the Cohiba Atmosphere Beijing

Last december 26, 2018, on the occasion of reopening the Cohiba Atmosphere Beijing Club in a new location, its founder Mr. Sijie Wu hold a reception with attendance of Excmo. Mr. Miguel Angel Ramírez Ramos, Ambassador of Republic of Cuba in PRC; Mrs. Lisbet Quesada Luna, Counselor/Deputy Head of Mission of Republic of Cuba in PRC; Msc. Yohanely Savigne Chacón, Economic-Commercial Attaché to the...

2019 Jan , 3

Cohiba Atmosphere opens in Tirana

On February 8th, the Cohiba Atmosphere was opened in Tirana, in a refined and cozy environment at Delano Lounge – Restaurant, near the Skanderbeg Square, Tirana’s main square.   Around 100 guests from all over the country and abroad were attended the opening, among them, business people, famous artists, as well...

2018 Mar , 28

Cohiba Atmosphere in Shanghai reopens

Cohiba Atmosphere in Shanghai has reopened at new site on December 08th, 2016. This club is for members only with total 400 square meters, which has VIP room, lounge with wine cabinet, bar and 40 private cigar lockers with constant temperature and humidity control. The club is located at the...

2017 Jan , 23

Cohiba Atmosphere was opened in Cancun

A new COHIBA ATMOSPHERE has been opened by DIANDE, S.A. de C.V. in Cancun, Mexico. With this new opening we have already six COHIBA ATMOSPHERE  worldwide. This new local will be attended by our distributor IMPORTADORA Y EXPORTADORA DE PUROS Y TABACOS, S.A. DE C.V. (I.E.P.T.)....

2009 Nov , 23

Cohiba Atmosphere was opened in Buenos Aires

A new COHIBA ATMOSPHERE has been opened by Velocci Y Martin DeLeeuw in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With this new opening we have already five COHIBA ATMOSPHERE worldwide. This new local will be attended by our distributor PURO TABACO S.A....

2009 Nov , 17

Images of an Anticipated News Chronicle

A board of round, very white tables adorned with peculiar exquisiteness claimed for lovers of good smoking at the terrace of the emblematic Club Habana in the Cuban capital. Then, the site had on other company but the wind, while the service personnel endeavoured to finalised every detail for the...

2004 Feb , 24


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