2020 Jul , 28

A new Cohiba Atmosphere in Nicosia, Cyprus


A new Cohiba Atmosphere has become a jewel for aficionados in the heart of Nicosia – Cyprus.

One can feel a unique and almost mystical emotion when enjoying a Habano accompanied by the finest spirits or blends of coffee in the ambience of this new Cohiba Atmopshere, as the location encompasses the true vision to recreate such experience time and time again.

Whether it is to catch-up and chat with friends, or to have a business meeting in what feels almost like a tropical environment, or to just relax and pause your daily routine, this new unique location is without a doubt the ideal choice.

When entering the lounge, one is transported to an exotic location, as if the sun is at standstill in the sky while it sets.

The experienced and friendly staff are ready to assist in recommending and choosing the perfect cigar from the lounge’s premium range, as well as complete a distinctive Habanos experience with a cocktail, spirit, or coffee. The finest ingredients are sourced to create the platters and light snacks for the perfect gastronomic voyage.

For a supreme experience, the lounge also offers their own Cohiba Atmosphere Nicosia Pairing Experiences. The flavors of the Habano have been perfectly matched with a cocktail, spirit, coffee, and sweets that can offer a definitive cigar encounter.

The Humidor stocks an exceptionally wide range of Cuban cigars, including Special products such as   Limited Editions, Regional Editions, Reserva and Grand Reserva, aged cigars, special editions of jars, humidors, special cabinets, and accessories. Most Habanos can be purchased individually by stick, small pack, or cabinet box as well.

An expertise staff is well prepared and can advise the most demanding smoker until those who begin in the Habano’s world.

Also, at the retail cava shop one will find rare and vintage spirits to satisfy even the most selective customer.

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A new Cohiba Atmosphere in Nicosia, Cyprus


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