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V Habanos Day in Kassel, Germany

On Saturday 8th of October, 2016 around 300  aficionados attended the V Habanos Day in the city of Kassel, Germany. They came from all corners of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Sweden in which they got the opportunity to enjoy and exchange like-minded conversation and get to know more of the common passion: The Habano.


There was much to learn in the four afternoon workshop sessions: spirits expert Jürgen Deibel gave some tips on the perfect combination of refined cigars and spirits. Havana Club ambassador Christian Balke offered a tasting of his innovative rum. During a comparison smoke, humidor maker Marc André gave a talk on the effects of different storage conditions. And while Dirk Prautzsch swept his public away with cigar bands in the heyday of the Cuban pre-revolution tobacco history, Wolfgang Rassmann and Andreas Blass from the Latin America Tours travel agency were giving insider tips for the current day Cuba. Jürgen Betz, founder of BORGWARD watchmakers, took his guests on a journey of discovery into the inner workings of the mechanical watch. The “school of senses” with star chef Juan Danilo was about “tobacco in the kitchen”. Here the group produced tobacco oil and salt for steaks. And by no means least, the participants were able to practice rolling a cigar under the instruction of Torcedora Miltania Perez Borges and her interpreter Luis Mustelier Perez.


The participants had great fun training their senses in cigar and spirit tasting, stripping out a watch and reassembling it or even rolling their first own cigar. “Great atmosphere”, “relaxed”, “super speakers” – such was the unanimous conclusion of the participants who are already looking forward to the next Habanos Day. For Christoph Puszkar, Head of Marketing of the 5TH Avenue Trading Company, the Habanos Day offers one of the most important opportunities for exchanging between clients and company.


With an atmospheric evening event in the presence of Heinrich Villiger, Managing Director of 5th Avenue Trading, and Ida Paz-Lago de Léon, Economic and Commercial Counsellor at the Republic of Cuba Embassy in Germany, the Habanos Day rang out enjoyably with lively cocktails, classy Habanos, a Caribbean inspired buffet and spirited live music with the Cuba Fiesta ensemble.


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V Habanos Day in Kassel, Germany


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