2018 Dec , 17

RDM WIH 20 – Promotion

During the month of December and being inspired by the playful atmosphere of the holidays, Phoenicia TAA Cyprus , Exclusive Distributor of Habanos, S.A. for Middle East, launched a fun and interactive quiz for the launching of the Regional Edition for Lebanon, El Rey Del Mundo WIH 20, that will be in the market during this holiday season, to commemorate the first and biggest Walk in Humidor in the Duty Free worldwide, that was inaugurated in 1997 in Lebanon.

The promotion in the form of a social media campaign, included quiz-like posts, offering hints for this Habano, causing aficionados to puzzle over the meaning, for a chance to win a unique Christmas and New Year’s gift.

At the end of the promotion, a winner was awarded with one box of the RDM WIH 20.

RDM WIH 20 – Promotion


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