2017 Dec , 21

Romeo y Julieta Petit Royales

  • This launch incorporates a new vitola into the Romeo y Julieta portfolio with a heavy ring gauge and shorter length, a format that is increasingly appreciated by fans.

presents the new Romeo y Julieta Petit Royales (47ring gauge x 95 mm length), a totally new vitola that is incorporated into the brand’s regular portfolio.

With a heavy ring gauge and short length, this is a  in line with the current trend in formats increasingly demanded by enthusiasts around the world. The new Petit Royales provide all the aroma, balance and complexity in nuances of Romeo y Julieta, the classic medium strength flavour Habano, in a short smoking time.

Romeo y Julieta Petit Royales will be released in two presentations, a 25-unit box and a 3-tube case.

All Romeo y Julieta brand Habanos are made  con – Totally Handmade with Long Filler – with selected leaves from *, the best tobacco-growing region in the world, in *, Cuba*.

Romeo y Julieta is a historic brand of Habanos, founded in 1875. Winston Churchill was one of the brand’s most devoted smokers. Since his visit to Havana in 1946, his name has been used on some bands and the brand’s best-known vitola was named after him: Churchills of Romeo y Julieta.

* (D.O.P.) Protected Denominations of Origin
Brand: Romeo y Julieta
Market Name: Petit Royales
Factory Name: Caprichos
Dimensions: 47 ring gauge x 95 mm length
Presentations: 25-unit Labelled Box (CB)
  Aluminium tube in a 3-unit case



Romeo y Julieta Petit Royales


Habanos are made
completely by hand

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