2018 Aug , 6

Jaguar Land Rover Swiss Golf Challenge 2018

The 35th Golf Tournament edition along with the owners of Jaguar and Land Rover was a great opportunity for a numerous passionate golfers andaficionados.

On the rich varied golf courses of Switzerland the participants played in the popular Fourball/Stableford format like the years before including special challenges like „longest drive“. In addition they were able to admire the newest car models by Jaguar and Land Rover and get a taste of the bright Cuban way of life through the full aroma of Habanos cigars.

After a morning full of matches, the attendees had lunch together, which created a relaxed ambience to chat and get to know each other.

In the afternoon the competing participants could indulge in the finest Cuban cigars provided by Intertabak AG, the Exclusive Distributor for in Switzerland and a sponsor with highly skilled service since the first golf competition.

Later in the evening, the event was topped off by an exquisite dinner, of course well-rounded by finest Cuban cigars, while Karin Held, the charismatic marketing, PR and sponsoring director of Jaguar Land Rover entertained the attendees with a speech about the important persons behind the events, general information about the tournaments and the newest car models.

Between main course and dessert the tournament winners, who qualified for the finals, were named and congratulated by the sponsors.

Finally, the participants, organizers and sponsors gathered once again to chat, have some drinks and a final delicious cigar, which left behind a pleasant taste, perfect to end the evening comfortably.

Jaguar Land Rover Swiss Golf Challenge 2018


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