2014 Jul , 24

Success of the first Habanos Day in Spain


On June 28th, 2014, Habanos “aficionados” and gourmet lovers enjoyed a very special meeting. Club Pasión Habanos, the Spanish private Club of smokers, organized the Habanos most important event ever celebrated in Spain. An exciting day that brought together more than 250 people to enjoy the best Habanos cigars and other premium products in a spectacular location: the Oxley Gentleman Club Palace placed in Madrid downtown.


The attendees enjoyed a very special day with different activities between 11:30 to 20:30 from the opportunity of making their own Habano with their hands, taught by 2 Cuban “torcedores” and the Premium Cigars Brand Ambassador, José Andrés Colmena, to different workshops: Belgian craft beer Affligem, tasting Lustau “Jerez” wines, or different coffees around the world from Guilis to an Oxley Gin Masterclass. There was also an exhibition with the humidors acquired by the Spanish distributor, Tabacalera, in the lasts Habanos Festivals and other with the winning designs of the Club Pasión Habanos Smoking Chair Contest.

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In addition to all these experiences, participants could also enjoy some premium products tastings: caviar (Nacarii), cheese (Boffard), chocolate, (Valrhona), foie (Imperia), “jamón ibérico de bellota”, and wines from the best Spanish areas (D.O.Ca Rioja Marqués de Vargas; D.O. Ribera del Duero Conde de San Cristóbal; D.O. Rías Baixas Pazo San Mauro). The meal was served by one of the best Spanish chefs, Paco Roncero (2 Michelin stars) and attendees could also touch and see some of the most luxurious watches from Cuervo y Sobrinos and Maserati cars.


Of course, the main stars of the event were the Habanos selected especially for this day: montecristono2, awarded in 2013 as the best cigar by Cigar Aficionado, cohiba-sigloii and romeo-widechurchill-normal, Club Pasion Habanos members first choice during 2013 in their cigar lounge in Madrid.


The Habanos Day has already become a mandatory event for any Habanos aficionado.

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Success of the first Habanos Day in Spain


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