2019 Mar , 27

EMPOR celebrates the 155th Anniversary of Casa Havaneza

It is with great pleasure and pride that we communicate the commemoration of 155th Anniversary of Casa Havaneza, one of the oldest cigar shops in the world.

To celebrate such a significant date, will take place a commemorative dinner for these 155 years of tradition, history and excellence in the services.

LISBON, April 4, 2019
Restaurant Clubhouse do Belas Clube de Campo


Similar to the previous events, our intention is that the night becomes an informal and epicurist gathering, in a very pleasant atmosphere and considering the special date that we are going to celebrate, we are preparing an event that will surpass those previously made and will satisfy the expectations of the Casa Havaneza´s friends.
Above all, our main goal is to honor not only our House, but mainly our traditional customers and will be a great pleasure to count with their presence during that night of joy and celebration, where we will pay tribute to Casa Havaneza and its 155 years of existence.

EMPOR celebrates the 155th Anniversary of Casa Havaneza


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