2022 Jul , 8

A new Distribuidor for Habanos in Venezuela


On June 16th, 2022, Kukenan Tobacco Trading C.A. was presented officially as the Distributor for the Venezuelan market.

The chosen location for the event was one of the restaurants awarded among the “Latam Top 50”: Restaurante Alto, in the city of Caracas.

The attendees were mainly premium retailer shop owners, specialized tobacconists as well as other persons of interest in the industry who gathered with Kukenan Tobacco’s team to celebrate the restart of a great relationship between the Habanos brands and the Habanos enthusiasts in Venezuela.

The night protagonist was the Partagás Serie E No. 2, chosen to pair a 5-course menu. The tasting with a Pedro Ximenez wine followed with a dessert and ending with a Venezuelan author rum called “Ocumare Sicanos”, a bottle not for sale as the company produces it only for friends and family. The man in charge of the tasting was Mr Diego Urdaneta, a well-recognized writer, blogger, premium cigars and distillates connoisseur.

A new Distribuidor for Habanos in Venezuela


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