2019 Apr , 29

In the city of St. Petersburg, the V Festival La Gran Fumada 2019 took place

The company Top Cigars Corporation, Exclusive Distributor for . in Russia has traditionally been an associate of this brilliant event prepared and directed by the smoking club “Horsepower” of this beautiful city. The Top Cigars Commercial Director, Alejandra Romero Arochena, the Sales Manager of the Alexey Meshkov Company and the Commercial Manager for this city, Anna Tsvetaeva attended the Festival.

The festival began on Friday 19th till 21st of april and took place at the restaurant “Symposium”, where the longest ash contest was held, whose main judge was Fedor Gavrichenko, a member of the club “Horsepower” and around 50 fans participated.

For this competition, the chosen was Por Larrañaga brand with the factory zise Montecarlos Delicioso (33 ring gauge x 159 mm length). Interestingly, this Habano, despite its elegance, its size and thickness is a real challenge for the participants in this competition. The winner was Alexander Andryushkevich from the hosted city.

On Saturday, April 21st, the festival took place on that occasion at the Palkin restaurant with a connoisseur competition of Habanos, where the judge was the first Russian Habanosommelier, Artyom Ehrenburg.

The task of the participants was to identify two Habanos without rings, say the vitola name, strength, commercial name and brand. In this competition, the Habanos Hoyo de Monterrey with its factory size Marevas (42 ring gauge x129 mm length) and H. Upmann Connoisseur No.1, Hermosos ( factory size) (48 ring gauge  x 127 mm length ) were proposed. The winner was Sergey Galevsky, also from the hosted city.

Next the member of the organizing club for the event, Dmitry Drutsa, conducted the interesting lectuire called “Coleccionando Habanos”. On it, he referred to the principles of selection of collectible Habanos, types of collections and their characteristics. During the conference a Habano of Hoyo de Monterrey Palmas Extra, (40 ring gauge x 140 mm length) was offered.

The event was over with a Gala Dinner , where about 100 guests were able to taste the famous Vegas Robaina Habanos , (48 ring gauge x 127 mm length ) and San Cristobal de La Habana Paco (49 ring gauge  x 180 mm length), accompanied by liquors and an excellent gastronomy.

In the city of St. Petersburg, the V Festival La Gran Fumada 2019 took place


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