2004 Feb , 24

Images of an Anticipated News Chronicle

cronicamartes2A board of round, very white tables adorned with peculiar exquisiteness claimed for lovers of good smoking at the terrace of the emblematic Club Habana in the Cuban capital. Then, the site had on other company but the wind, while the service personnel endeavoured to finalised every detail for the presentation.

Guests soon boarded the buses parked outside the Conventions Palace. Comercial Cubacafé and Habanos S.A. Corporation would be in charge of confirming what Javier Terrés de Ercilla, vice-president of Development of Habanos S.A. Corporation had said during the board scheduled for the first session of the International Seminar.

cronicamartes1Through the presentation for tasting of two new gourmet coffee brands: Cohiba Atmosphere and Montecristo Deleggend, Habanos S.A. would fulfil one of its most daring challenges: surprising the consumer.

Cohiba Atmosphere found its natural place in the Southern basin of Guamuhaya mountain massif – which is best known as Sierra del Escambray (Escambray Range) – and became the Grand Coffee Reserve. Meanwhile, Montecristo made a legend reality: the perfect cup of coffee fancied by coffee lovers owns its charm to the over 1000-meter-above-sea-level region where its grains are harvested.

Deep at the core of Sierra Maestra, a mountaineer wipes his forehead. Small light holes allow to make out the canopies of the trees protecting coffee plantations. Then, the fragrance arrives like magic, and the dark nectar of Montecristo starts embracing the tables where guests savour it accompanied by the unavoidable Habano.







Images of an Anticipated News Chronicle


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