2021 Jul , 7

First Virtual Event for Habanos enthusiasts in Portugal

EMPOR S.A., Exclusive Distributor of Habanos, S.A. for Portugal, held its first virtual event of the year the last June 23rd, with an exclusive tasting dedicated to those outlets enrolled in the Habanos Point project in Portugal.

The star of the event was certainly the new vitola Elegidos of the brand La Flor de Cano, one of the latest launches. Elegidos, is the first heavy ring gauge introduced within the brand’s portfolio.


The participants had the opportunity to taste this vitola for the first time before its distribution to the Portuguese market.

Habanos Point’s project advantages and benefits were presented and discussed to the newcomers, and for those already established in it.

The event also featured exclusive promotions and a raffle of the acclaimed wine Cohiba Atmosphere Reserva 2011 and travel humidor Passatori.

EMPOR S.A. always interested in listening and collaborating with its clients, took the opportunity to address the participants’ feedback and suggestions regarding retailer´s matters, of which the Boletim Habanos, a periodic newsletter that presents new Habanos, S.A. products as well as informative articles, was referred to as a positive and useful tool for the professional channel.

Overall, the event resulted to be a valuable exchange of ideas while at the same time being a pleasant experience for all present. The demands of the clients are the starting point for the development of EMPOR S.A. and, in that sense, it will continue to develop a close relationship with retailers and promoting similar events in the immediate future.

First Virtual Event for Habanos enthusiasts in Portugal


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